The farm is blanketed with 30 inches of snow, as of March 1, 2019.  Days are getting longer, we’re about to exit the “deep freeze”, and seed starting has begun.  Spring highlights include:

    1.  175 laying hens and 4 roosters have overwintered in the north high tunnel.  Lowest egg production was 5.5 dozen per day in December, increasing to 8 dozen per day by late February.  Our winter egg CSA has successfully kept 35 families supplied with healthy local eggs.
    1. We’re building two movable high tunnels, each 14 ft x 52 ft, to get an early start on beets, spinach, kale, carrots, and other cold-hardy crops.  Tunnels will be finished and planted by April 1st.  Then around May 15th we’ll move the tunnels and plant with tender warm climate crops like green beans, winter squash, and our “famous” (yeah, right) pie pumpkins.
  1. Susan is teaching the “Growing Food in a Cold Climate” course through Western Colorado University’s Extended Studies department.  We have 20 enthusiastic backyard gardeners learning how to “up their game” in local food production.