2015 Edible Fruit Inventory Survey

By August 26, 2015Surveys

The 2015 Edible Fruit Inventory is an inventory of trees, shrubs, perennial and annual plants that live (or have died) in the Gunnison Valley.  Local gardener Sue Wyman has created this inventory as her Master Gardener service project.  Building on Bob Willey’s  2007 compilation, the project involves the following phases:

Phase 1.  Gardener Questionnaire (this form!)
Phase 2.  Conducting follow-up interviews
Phase 3.  Compiling the information in a database
Phase 4.  Providing the information to local gardeners and encouraging local food production

Please fill out one survey per plant (or variety.)  We are interested in your successes and failures.  Let us know what lived, and what died.

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Thankyou_peppersThank you for helping with the 2015 Edible Fruit Inventory.  The results will be available late fall 2015, and the inventory will be maintained and updated as an ongoing resource for gardeners and local food enthusiasts in the Gunnison Valley.

Our valley, our soil, our health!