Your Durable GreenBed dealer in Colorado

By July 31, 2015General News

Gunnison Gardens is pleased to be your Durable GreenBed dealer in Colorado.  The Durable GreenBed is the most beautiful and unique raised bed of its kind on the market today.  The wall panels are made from a processed wood-chip and cement composite called Faswall, a breathable material that is capable of withstanding extreme weather changes and conditions and still looks great.  They are green, made from 100% nontoxic and highly recycled materials and will out perform any wood, plastic, or metal raised garden bed — and last up to 25 years or more!

Durable GreenBeds are the only raised beds you’ll every need.

Available in 6 sizes:  8’x4’x1′,  8’x4’x2′, 4’x4’x1′,  4’x4’x2′, and tiered.  Purchase a Durable GreenBed kit today from Gunnison Gardens today, build the kit in an hour, and be planting greens for an August harvest.  We can help with installation, soil, compost, and seeds.  Call Sue at 707-LEAF for a beautiful Durable GreenBed and you’ll be on your way to growing healthy food in your own front yard.