Soil Science for Smart Girls

By October 7, 2014General News, Photos

Last week, my friend MaryAnne sent me a link to an amazingly awesome article about three 16-year-old girls winning Google’s global science competition with a breakthrough project on improving crop germination and yield using naturally occurring soil bacteria.  The intelligence, collaboration, and tenacity of these three young scientists is truly inspiring.

Three weeks earlier, while pulling spent pea plants from my home garden, I found the “same” nodules attached to the pea roots, and took several photos.  Ok, were my nodules actually the same Rhizobium strains of the Diazotroph bacteria family?  Unknown.  But did I have shoulder-high pea plants with an abundance of tasty pods throughout the season?  You bet!


“Feed the soil, not the plants.”

“Feed the soil, Feed the world.”

“Real farmers grow soil, not crops”